UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL Start a career in human resources now.
At Abbott, our employees are creating and delivering life-changing technology around the world. That’s why we created a global Human Resources Service Center, to help them quickly and simply complete important HR processes related to managing their teams and their careers. With four global centers located in Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Lima, and Warsaw, Abbott’s HR Service Center is on call to help our employees solve their HR inquiries, leaving them with more time to focus on the work that matters most to them. Want to know why you should join our HR Service Center?

A career in the service center is a great way to connect to people from diverse cultures and practice many languages. More importantly, you develop local and regional knowledge on compensation and talent programs that directly impact our employees around the world.

Build AN Unparalleled resumeStarting your career in our HR Service Center is an opportunity to build a solid foundation in customer service, become an expert in technologies such as Salesforce and Workday, and develop important interpersonal skills will make you a better people-centered professional:


Located at Abbott's global headquarters near Chicago,
Illinois, our U.S. team has the opportunity to participate
in corporate events, such as the Chicago Marathon Cheer
Zone, a 5k run at Abbott Park, onsite health screenings
and more.
Fluent in English and French, the team can also offer tips
on surviving Chicago winters. The team injects creativity
and positive energy into their work, and their workspaces,
with decorating contests to celebrate local holidays.
Our multi-lingual (many of us speak three languages) and passionate team provides HR support to Abbott employees primarily within the Asia Pacific region. Whatever the
​​​​​​​HR matter, whether it comes from China, India or Australia,
we understand the policies and culture of each country.

There is a strong team bond and we work hard to deliver
the best while having fun. We enjoy our weekly badminton games, as well as exciting outdoor activities (jungle
trekking, go-kart, movies and more)!
We speak Spanish, Portuguese and English in our Lima
HR Service Center, representing the main languages
of Latin America. Fun fact: Our Portuguese specialists
are not even from Brazil! They learned the language in
their native Peru through day-to-day interactions with Portuguese-speaking colleagues and friends.

Our Lima team is made up of caring people who want
to give back to the community. They have organized a blanket donation drive, a hot chocolate social at a retirement home
​​​​​​​and a volunteer activity at a dog shelter.
Supporting our teams across Europe, Middle East and
Africa, we speak English, French, German, Polish,
Russian, and Spanish. Being multi-lingual is an asset
when living in Warsaw, as people from all over the world
live and work here.

Our team welcomes open-minded, ambitious people from
all over the world with fresh ideas. Bring your skills and
energy; we are committed to help you gain new skills 
and grow within the organization.
See below for open roles in any of our HR Service Centers in Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Lima and Warsaw. This is the first step to joining an energetic call center where you can build your HR knowledge and expand your global network.